The Influence of Social Media in Politics

In the article, “The Power of Social Media in Politics continues in 2021”, Arika Ho reviews the many ways that social media has influenced politics not only in the United States but all over the world. Ho argues that social media media has created a lot of momentum and awareness to many political campaigns and movements all over the world. Ho gives many different examples of movements that have gained a lot of acknowledgement because of social media such as the Black Lives Matter and SaveMyanmar movements. Ho does this to show the positive side of social media and how it can bring awareness to situations that many might not even know about. Next Ho mentions how social media can also be used to spread a lot of false and misleading information and also be used to help push people’s personal political agendas. Ho mentions how social media played a big role with the capital riots that occurred at the beginning of January, and how it was used to organize many Alt-right groups. They also mention how former President Trump was banned from platforms like Twitter, and how many conservatives are leaving the popular social media accounts to smaller social media platforms in order to escape censorship. Finally, Ho talks about how the government can play a role in social media and what that would mean for different countries. Ho mentions how both the Russian and Myanmar governments have asked different social media platforms to take down posts with “sensitive” content. If the government restricts posts on social media then they are not giving that momentum to these movements that are fighting for their rights or wants. However, Ho also talks about how these involvements can also help the prevention of false information being spread around the internet. If we can find a way to allow voices to be heard on social media, while also stopping misinformation from being spread then social media could have an even larger impact in 2021. 


Ho, Arika. “The power of social media in politics continues in 2021.” UWIRE Text, 15 Feb. 2021, p. 1. Gale OneFile: News, Accessed 16 Feb. 2021.

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